RESOF has opened the market for the supply, repair and maintenance of industrial refrigeration equipment. Our goal has been to satisfy all the engineering needs of our clients with effective and viable solutions, all in a timely manner..

We offer full capacity from service to complete renovation of processing plants. Our service engineers are certified in the following:

Predictive Maintenance

This technique is to predict the future failure point of a machine component so that the components can be replaced based on a plan before it fails. Thus, minimizing the down time and maximizing the lifetime of the components.


Thermographic measurements and analysis can disclose potential problems in equipment before they can even occur. Some of the important critical equipment within a processing plant such as: electrical panels, microprocessors, compressors other units can be monitored to avoid severe damage related to the increase in temperatures.

Oil Service & Analysis

A periodic analysis of the oil in a compressor is a key factor that is often overlooked. What is the importance of regular oil analysis?

  • Determining when to change filters
  • Determining when to change the oil
  • Extend drain intervals
  • Detecting oil pollution
  • Detecting problems in the system
  • Detect broken filters

Laser Alignment

In order to avoid frequent failures with the mechanical seals and bearings of the compressor caused by engine misalignment, RESOF has trained personnel to verify proper alignment of the screw compressor units. This avoids the performance degradation of components, resulting in a decrease of energy consumption.

Compressor Calibration

Our technicians are trained to perform calibration services for most microprocessors on the market and compressors from worldwide brands such as Frick, Mycom, M&M, Vilter, and others. By receiving calibration services, our customers experience significant savings in energy consumption.

Vibration Analysis

The objective of this analysis is to accurately measure the vibrations and tendencies of the wavelengths, in order to avoid unscheduled outages or irreparable damages to the equipment. Our experience and extensive knowledge of the internal components allow us to detect any mechanical problems.

Parts and Maintenance

RESOF has the ability to supply parts and equipment from the most recognized manufacturers. We strive to offer fast reliable services with quality products, all at competitive prices.

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