Self-supporting rack systems and insulated panels

Insulated Panels

THERMAL INSULATION FOR COLD ROOMSWe offer a range of self-supporting metal panels insulated in polyurethane with labyrinth joint intended for the realization of warehouses and cold cells at negative temperatures. The panel is designed to fully respond to the many demands of this sector and guarantee the following advantages in every circumstance: high thermal resistance, mechanical resistance, dimensional stability, anhygroscopicity, lightness, aesthetic value, durability, simplicity and speed of installation.

Self-supporting rack systems

Substantial savings in civil works costs.

Savings of up to 40% in construction compared to standard rack systems.

Self-supporting rack systems have better use of cubic space.

Pollo Campero – Guatemala 2004.

Self-Supporting Rack Cold Facility of 400 square meters

Colmeca – Guatemala 2005.

Selective Self-Supporting Rack for 2,500 pallet positions.

HAME - Guatemala 2005.

Self-Supporting refrigerated racks of 10,500 square meters.

Bodegas Frías – Guatemala 2011.

Selective Self-Supporting Rack of double depth

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